Bulletproof Element Selection

Tired of logic that breaks as soon as your webapp layout changes?
Replace your black magic element selectors with stable descriptions.
For frontend tests, web automation, or anywhere you touch HTML.

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Hard-Coding is so 2022

If you've written tests or web automation, you've seen this dreaded line:

document.querySelector(“.container1728 > button”)

What even is a container1728? And what happens when a well-meaning colleague changes the page layout or updates the content? Your test breaks and somewhere a W3C engineer loses their wings.

Selectify lets you replace selectors with human readible descriptions. Describe in natural language what you're looking for and we'll keep it stable across page redesigns and user updates.

selectify.querySelector(“button to purchase the product”)

Simplified, Stable Workflows

Whether you're a distributed team with separate engineering and QA, or you're a one-stop-shop that does it all, Selectify makes it easier to program, manage, and update your selectors.

the old way
✏️ Write your tests
🕟 A month passes
🏗️ Site layout changes
🚸 Test flows break
👀 Trace the error
☕️ Update your tests
💼 Put up a PR
⛵️ Updated tests deploy
🙏🏼 Sleep with one eye open
Test Primary Purchase Flow

To err is Human
To error correct is ML

We've trained machine learning models on millions of websites as they've changed over time. The result is a system robust to changes - keeping your selectors happy and healthy for the long haul.

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Feb 2021
Nov 2022

Central Tag Management

The Console stores your history of all selector queries so you can make sure they're performing to expectations.

Replay your automations over time, review ML predictions, and confirm page changes for the future. The Console will flag any high priority items to review so sit back and let Selectify keep things flowing.

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Basic Tee
<div id="container-418">
<div class="font-medium">
<img src="/4-star.svg" />
<span class="text-sm font-medium text-gray-500">
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HTML should be seen, not read

We take an archive of your page just like your browser sees it at runtime. That includes images, stylesheets, fonts, and more. Archived pages render beautifully over time no matter what happens on the original domain.

We do the same even if you don't use a browser. Send a raw HTML text blob and we'll identify dependencies, resolve them, and render the page visually. Say goodbye to debugging raw curl requests.

~$curl http://www.greatstore.com/product

Fits in your workflow

Selectify works with your existing tools - integrating is usually just a few lines of code. If we don't provide an integration to your DOM library of choice, use our public API to easily implement your own.



Selectify's pricing is simple. We charge to store your data (flat monthly fee) and the amount of times your page changes and we have to re-calculate the best selectors. If your webapp stays the same, you just pay the base price.


Launch pricing

All our features, cloud hosted and continuously learning.


$0.25 /recalculate

Get started
  • ML-Powered selectors
  • Online selector review
  • Code archives
  • Visual screenshot rendering
  • 10GB storage
  • 1000 Raw-HTML resolutions per month
  • Full selector and success history metrics
  • 1 Seat
  • US Support


Team management, SSO, and uptime guarantees to make your engineering team shine.

Contact Sales
  • Admin Console
  • SSO Signin
  • Uptime SLA
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited recalculations
  • Unlimited Raw-HTML resolutions
  • Priority US Support
  • All our latest features

What're you waiting for?

You'll be done with your first integration before your coffee's done brewing.

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